May 16th, 2010

Alice medium

This took forever and a day to finish and the progress was a horrible mess. I´m so glad it´s finaly done.
But mistakes made and lessons learned, so in the end all is swell and time to move on.

Alice detail_01

Alice detail_02

And many thanks to heri for some very good advice! Especially for suggesting to put that big mushroom in, as it very much helped to focus the composition!
Much appreciated, buddy!

And because I feel so very much delighted, I give to you, the preliminary sketchbook page.

Alice sketch

The Dark Umbrella

February 16th, 2010

The Dark Umbrella

I`m not really sure about the meaning of this one…
…which, in some way, makes it a nice allegory of life itself, I guess.

The Dark Umbrella detail 01

The Dark Umbrella detail 02